What can electrical conductivity tell us about our soil?

Do you want to know more about what electrical conductivity can tell you about your soil? This blog explains briefly what soil EC can reveal about your soil health status, what soil properties are affected and how you can improve it.

A soil health journey to greener pastures

Look at this journey of how a farm manager in the Tsitsikamma improved his soil health and what benefit it had on the environment.

Identifying the opportunities for biodiversity management

A healthy agro-ecosystem contributes both directly and indirectly to agricultural production, and more emphasis should be placed on restoring and maintaining healthy agro-ecosystems.

Grazing management: The key to sustainable pasture-based farming

On pasture-based farms, the roughage grown on pastures is the predominant feed source. It is therefore most beneficial to grow and utilise these pastures effectively.

Agri Tsitsikamma East Farmers Day

Representetives from Boointjieskraal, Pennisands and Rheebokrant Farms

How we are wasting money and nutrients, and negatively impacting the environment

There is a lot more nutrient cycling taking place than just what is put into the soil through fertiliser, and taken out in grass and eventually milk. In order to develop a more efficient nutrient cycling system, farmers have to take into account the various losses and sources of nutrients.

What if agriculture could actually have a positive impact?

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that aims to restore soil, reduce erosion, increase soil carbon levels, enhance biodiversity, improve water cycling, enhance ecosystem services and generally restore and improve the health of the entire agroecosystem.

Soil is a living ecosystem that sustains life

Farmers have the potential to significantly increase the productivity of their farm, and decrease their environmental impact, by implementing practices which improve the health of their soil.

The silver bullet illusion

The unfortunate truth is that there are no silver bullets in farming. The agro-ecosystem is way too complex, with far too many interactions, to have a simple, single solution to challenges.

Sustainability: Preserving our natural resources

To ensure continued food production, we need to ensure natural resources are not depleted. This goal is achieved through sustainable farming practices.