Sustainable food production: Is agriculture playing its part?

It is going to take considerable effort from researchers, consultants and farmers, and a commitment to developing farm systems which better mimic nature, but I am hopeful for the future of sustainable agriculture in South Africa.

Is milk really just milk?

Look out for the Trace & Save logo on First Choice UHT-milk to see how easy it is to trace the impact of the product on the environment

Can you afford not to change?

The problem with change is that it is often very challenging. The usual, common and standard way of doing things is comfortable and known, but it very seldom brings about progress.

To eat or not to eat (animal produce), that is the question

I really do believe we should be focussing on improving the manner in which animal production is done, focussing on supporting farmers which implement positive practices, rather than just blanketing the whole industry as terrible for the environment and writing it off.

Alternative nitrogen sources equal money in the bank

I am a strong advocate for the responsible use of natural resources for productive and efficient commercial agriculture. When it comes to nitrogen, this means exploring alternative sources to purely relying on chemical fertilisers.

Changing the way we think about food

I am not asking anyone to completely change their diet, but rather to consider making adjustments to the way we buy and eat.

Have you considered the environmental impact of electricity use?

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of electricity use? Read this blog to find out how you can reduce your electricity usage and lower your environmental impact.

The actual cost of chemical nitrogen fertiliser

We tend to focus on the localized environmental impact of nitrogen where it is applied, but what about the broader impact associated with its production?

Sustainability: Preserving our natural resources

To ensure continued food production, we need to ensure natural resources are not depleted. This goal is achieved through sustainable farming practices.

There is more to a label…

Is a label really just a label or is there more to it? Read this blog to find out what can be “hidden” behind a label and if it has an influence on the agricultural products we buy.