Are you financially exhausted from applying nutrients which your soil doesn’t even hold, needing to use excessive water to grow your crop? Are you interested in creating your own nutrient bank and water tank in your soil? Then carbon farming is for you. Be a carbon farmer and create your own bank right under your feet.

What is carbon farming?

Carbon farming is about harvesting carbon from the air and storing it in the soil. The good news is, not only does this improve your soil health, but it is also good for the environment. This is by removing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air and storing it in the soil. Our health, the health of our soils and the health of our planet is interconnected.

Why carbon?

More carbon in the soil is good. It helps to build healthy soil which is nutrient rich, full of microorganisms, has a good structure and holds more water. Soils with higher carbon levels produce more nutritious food and an army of organisms that fights against pests and pathogens that attack the growing food. In essence, building soil carbon is a win-win for the farmer, society and the environment.

Be part of Carbon Farmers South Africa

Carbon Farmers SA offers an opportunity for any farmer to become part of a community of farmers committed to building carbon in their soils. Our website will provide you with the research platform, information and support you need to do this. You will have all the necessary soil data in one place that you can access anytime. You will also be able to share your knowledge and learn from others.

Soil carbon

Carbon farming: Regenerative agriculture at work

This is part of the reason why Trace & Save initiated the carbon farming project. It is a central place where information on sustainable farm management can be transferred, a place where the commonality is caring for our soils and their health. Caring for our soils is caring for the future.

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