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The attention of sustainability and environmentalism can often be so focused on the environment and the protection thereof. This is extremely important and the protection of the natural environment, as well as agroecosystems, needs to be taken into account in all decisions of practices implemented on farms.

What we also need to focus on is people. It is people who ensure that a farm remains productive, and it is people that farms are producing food for. People are important!

It is important that all employees on a farm are treated fairly and justly, and that their welfare and success are taken into account within their work environment. Farmers, and their well-being, are important. They are the people whose time, energy and effort results in food production for the rest of society. Consumers of agricultural products are also important. All people are consumers of agriculturally produced products and the fact that people require sufficient and healthy food is an important consideration of agriculture.

The purpose of agriculture is to produce food for society. It is important that agricultural production is conducted in a socially responsible manner, from the production of food through to the consumption thereof, taking into account all people involved and influenced in this process.

People are important

Craig Galloway