Mutualism:What benefits the land, benefits us

Mutualism is a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties, which is the relationship we strive for on the dairy farms we work on.

A consciousness of where our food comes from

Wendell Berry said: “A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which the food comes.” I wonder how often we think about the journey which our food has taken to get to our plates.

Agri Tsitsikamma East Farmers Day

Representetives from Boointjieskraal, Pennisands and Rheebokrant Farms

A soil carbon success story

Farmers that implement sustainable land-management practices can improve the carbon levels of their soils, thereby moving carbon from the atmosphere through plants into the soil.

There is more to a label…

Is a label really just a label or is there more to it? Read this blog to find out what can be “hidden” behind a label and if it has an influence on the agricultural products we buy.

A carbon footprint success story

This particular farmer has been working hard to improve the health of his soils, to increase the efficiency of his farm, and increase the milk production on his farm.

Support your local farmers

As consumers, we should support our local farmers by buying local produce, might I dare to say, even if it costs us more.

Watch the Biggs Family tell us why sustainability matters

“As farmers, we are stewards of the land. It is our responsibility to ensure that as caretakers we treat it with respect and leave it in a better condition for future generations” – Bonnen Biggs, Suiderland Farm

What is pasture-based dairy farming?

On pasture-based dairy farms, farmers try to imitate the way that nature works.

The role that farmers play

There is also a responsibility to being a land manager. Farmers are in a position to be stewards of the land that they manage.